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Schaltkreis Wassermann is my oldest project. Now after 37 years the pioneer electronic group has released some completely new tracks on the EP 2600noise.

Up to now Schaltkreis Wassermann had been known and underground famous for their single „Sex is out, ich bin geklont“ (1981) and their cult album PSYCHOTRON (1982). Both and a plethora of other Schaltkreis tracks from the early 80s have been re-released on vinyl by Berlin based Private Records in the last few years. They also appeared on several compilations, like Cherry Red’s „Noise Reduction System: Formative European Electronica 1974-1984“. In June 2017 the album „Early 80s“ with previously unknown tracks has been released for streaming and download. Several Schaltkreis remixes have been created in the recent years by the Italian Cosmic legend Daniele Baldelli, by I-Robots, In Flagranti, Toby Tobias, Vahagn and Additional Hardware. More remixes are in the pipeline!

And now there’s a new Schaltkreis EP called 2600noise. Why this weird name? The ARP2600 is one of my favorite synthesizers (the other one being the Prophet V), and the song 2600noise started its life as a noise sequence on the 2600, that’s why. 

Track list:
1. Nonstop Electronic Music
2. 2600noise
3. Stoff
4. Oxygene

All the tracks on this EP have been recorded partly with the original Schaltkreis instruments

  • ARP 2600
  • ARP Avatar
  • Roland 100M
  • and Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 (as a replacement for the defective Prophet V)

but also with some state-of-the-art software synths and some software emulations of 80s synths like the Roland Jupiter 8. The drum sounds are mostly from the Roland TR808. „My aim was to create a fusion of our classic 80s sounds with the just as fascinating world of todays soft-synths and digital effects“, says PJ Wassermann. Occasionally he plays the guitar.

The two songs „Nonstop Electronic Music“ and „Oxygene“ (a cover of the Jean-Michel Jarre classic) feature vocal samples by Stella Wassermann who sadly died in 2011. The songs had been demoed around 2008 and then discontinued when Stella got ill. After her death I couldn’t get myself to touch these songs, until now. But now I’m very happy to hear Stella’s  beautiful and intriguing voice on a new Schaltkreis production. It’s an homage to the other half of Schaltkreis Wassermann.

The third track on the EP, „Stoff“, has been co-produced by Alex Gloor of In Flagranti. Alex and I have become friends since Alex returned to Switzerland from New York around 2004 and urged us to re-release our Schaltkreis legacy. The vocal sample is by Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD, who’d been an occasional visitor to the Schaltkreis studio.

„Oxygene“, the last song on the EP, is an homage to Jean-Michel Jarre. We had been listening a lot to Jarre’s album all the time in the 70s, he was one of our electronic music heroes along with Kraftwerk and Steve Hillage. And of course Giorgio Moroder with ‚I feel Love‘.

„2600noise“ is available at BandCamp, BeatportSpotify, AppleMusic, Juno download, Amazon and all other streaming and download sites.

If you like the music please „follow“ Schaltkreis Wassermann and give it hearts and likes – thanks! We need your help!

This is the trailer video for 2600noise:


Published and owned by HyperMusic, Switzerland. 

Released April 2018. All rights reserved.

Schaltkreis Wassermann is available for live performances.

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