This is my blog section. I mostly write about music, creativity and music business. And of course about my music releases, live gigs, videos, CDs and vinyls.

I have an external blog that is still available but not much happening there any more, some nice old posts though…

Early 80s – Schaltkreis Wassermann

Early 80s by Schaltkreis Wassermann is out now! This album contains singles, edits and unreleased tracks from, well yes, the early 80s. Beatport exclusive release on June 30th 2017. [...]

Google / YouTube is evil

Google / YouTube is evil. Finally they are getting under attack from the music community. YouTube is the world’s largest piracy site allowing everybody to upload any music and using the [...]

Schaltkreis Wassermann at Neuwestberlin

It was great to play the Private Records Festival at Neuwestberlin on Friday 13th 2016. Some people had been driving to Berlin from the South of Germany and other distant places to see [...]

On Tour with a Live Band?

I enjoy very much the gigs with my three live project where I play along to my own backing tracks. But every time I jam with other musicians I feel like going on tour with a real live band. [...]

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