This is my blog section. I mostly write about music, creativity and music business. And of course about my music releases, live gigs, videos, CDs and vinyls.

I have an external blog that is still available but not much happening there any more, some nice old posts though…

Eternal Bliss – Turn on the World

There is a new release by Eternal Bliss: “Turn on the World”, a remix of Aya Jamura’s “Mepsyah”, mastered by Lenny Ibizarre. The track features a vocal statement by [...]

“Cruising” single by PJ Wassermann

Recently I was going through the files on my studio MacPro and I happened to come across a song that I had forgotten. “Cruising” was its name. I had composed it and recorded most [...]

Schaltkreis Wassermann: new EP 2600noise

Schaltkreis Wassermann is my oldest project. Now after 37 years the pioneer electronic group has released some completely new tracks on the EP 2600noise. Up to now Schaltkreis Wassermann had been [...]

ChillyTrippyDippy EP “In High Spirits”

I have neglected this blog a little as I was building separate websites for ChillyTrippyDippy and Schaltkreis Wassermann. Now I’m back and I’m listing all my music releases here. [...]

Early 80s – Schaltkreis Wassermann

Early 80s by Schaltkreis Wassermann is out now! This album contains singles, edits and unreleased tracks from, well yes, the early 80s. Beatport exclusive release on June 30th 2017. [...]

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