On Tour with a Live Band?

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I enjoy very much the gigs with my three live project where I play along to my own backing tracks. But every time I jam with other musicians I feel like going on tour with a real live band.

I play:
•  Rhythm Guitar. And I produce quite some drive.
•  Lead Guitar. Melodious to far out.
•  Vocals. Lead and backing vocals, also vocoder.
•  Percussion. Electronic like analog synths, Korg WaveDrum and Kaossillator, acoustic like djembe, tambourine etc.

I especially like projects with a high degree of improvisation. And I’m really into psychedelic sound. So if you’re looking for somebody like me then please get in touch!

For more info you best take a look at some of my videos like
Chilly Trippy Dippy or
Upgrade Your Mind.

With Schaltkreis Wassermann I play the SY-300 guitar synth. There will be some videos soon…

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