My old Whiteface ARP Odyssey gets a treatment

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I love the vintage ARP synthesizers, especially the 2600 but also the Avatar and the Odyssey – they have such juicy sounds, actually I like them even better than the Moogs.

About two years ago I got a quite battered old whiteface ARP Odyssey as a gift (thanks again, Jean!). It still made some sound but it was completely random, you could move the faders and something happened but not what it was supposed to.

One year ago the ARP got its first treatment by Saint Eric but it soon became clear that I had to exchange all the faders in order to get this beast going again. So I ordered a set from Synth Patchers and now my old buddy Guy Hardman, a very prolific electronics wizard, came to help me and put the faders into the Odyssey.

Now the Whiteface 2800 Odyssey sounds again! What a beauty! Thanks, Guy!

There is still one problem left with the S&H circuit: it works on the VCOs but not on the noise source. That’s a real pity because that’s exactly one of my favorite patches. So if you have a hint on how to fix this then please send me a message!








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