Matterhorn Project samples transferred from Fairlight CMI

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Lastly, I was in the studio of Stephan Schällmann (Alobar). He still has a Fairlight CMI IIx, the same model on which we produced the Matterhorn Project in the mid 80s. Stephan kindly allowed me to transfer my old 8″ diskettes on his CMI, and astonishingly this worked without problems.

Now I have not only the old tapes but also the samples. Thus, at most, the time deficit stands in the way of a new interpretation of the whole album. With Yo-Lollo-Diuh I’ve already begun, and it sounds promising!

In my research on Fairlight Sounds, I have found that there is an iPhone app called “Peter Vogel CMI” which was created by the fairlight developer Peter Vogel on the 30th anniversary of the instrument. The app contains the entire original sound library and costs only 10USD. The implementation is very funny with the original diskette noise. Who ever has worked with a Fairlight immediately gets a nostalgic feeling. This app is really a gift, and I can only recommend it.

In the upper picture the composition language MCL of the Fairlight can be seen.


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