ChillyTrippyDippy is psychedelic chillout with live guitar and vocals, often with trippy visuals by Asteriza and sometimes with additional musicians and dancers.

What listeners have said about ChillyTrippyDippy, my live guitar psychedelic chillout performances:
•  PJ Wassermann in the chillout tent was my personal highlight (at Summer Never Ends) – Réanne LaPlante on Facebook
•  Your set at Summer Never Ends was beautiful! – Neil Ragnvald Hoffmann on FB
Others said: “Awesome”, “incroyable”, “was super-good”, “very impressive”….

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ChillyTrippDippy live has been active since July 2013 when I kickstarted it with a series of three performances on the island of Ibiza. The music contains live versions of songs from my two albums Space Drone Salad and Triple E, and I play and improvise the guitar parts live, often with visuals by Asteriza and sometimes with additional musicians, and/or dancers.

The small formations

•  PJ Wassermann playing guitar and singing to his own backing tracks

•  PJ Wassermann & VJ Asteriza (VJ Asteriza makes very poetic and trippy projections)
PJ Wassermann & VJ Asteriza

•  with an additional drummer/percussionist
I have played with a couple of electronic drummers/percussionists and I like it a lot. If I can take them to your event depends on their availability.

The large formation

Right on my first Ibiza gig in 2013 a collaboration with the Butoh dancers Aida Miro and Amanda Orlov has evolved. The projections on the dancers in their white costumes make an impressive impact. In the meantime prolific dancer Marta Chandra has joined the project and we call it ChillyTrippyDippy, more information at
This project is Ibiza based but we’re ready to travel to your club, party or festival.


“Your set is fantastic”, said London-based DJ Julian after a private party, “I just play tunes, but you are a fucking musician!”. “A nice uplifting feeling and always a groove that I can dance to” said a visitor about my chillout performance at “Luna Llena de Arte” on July 21 2013. Add psychedelic soundscapes, soaring guitar solos and intriguing vocals – this pretty much sums up my live chillout gigs and my recorded music.

Technical requirements

My technical requirements depend very much on the chosen format of my live gig. Musically – whether I play alone or with an electronic drummer/percussionist – I do the mixing on stage and I simply give out the mixed music on two mono outputs.

If I perform with my VJ Asteriza (or some other VJ) then she needs some white space to project her visuals onto.

If we have the full setup with three dancers we need more space for them to dance and we need some space to setup the beamers so they can project onto the dancers.

Album: PJ Wassermann – Space Drone Salad

Album: PJ Wassermann – Triple E

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