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Google / YouTube is evil. Finally they are getting under attack from the music community.

YouTube is the world’s largest piracy site allowing everybody to upload any music and using the DMCA legal loophole to pay next to nothing to rightsholders.

Google is displaying links to completely illegal piracy sites who pay nothing at all to the musicians.

And Google is financing these sites with their AdWords advertisement system and profiting from it.


So here’s a couple of news links to illustrate the case:

Music Business Worldwide: Google’s role in music piracy is much bigger than it first appears

The Guardian: Why is the music industry battling YouTube and what happens next?

New York Times: Do You Love Music? Silicon Valley Doesn’t

Music, Technology, Policy: Open Letter to YouTube, “Pushers” of Piracy, by Maria Schneider


This blog “The ABC’s of How Google’s YouTube Grabs the Value of Music And Extorts the People Who Create It  shows in detail how YouTube exploits musicians.

And here’s an open letter to Larry Page of Google by Nikki Sixx and his fellow bandmates in Sixx:A.M., summing up all YouTube problems quite nicely.


And this is the MUST READ document about Google, it’s really scary:

We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”
Google CEO (now Executive Chairman) Eric Schmidt (2010)

Google Is Quietly Becoming One of the Nation’s Most Powerful Political Forces While Expanding Its Information-Collection Empire.
A documentation by

Some more: an article in the Guardian about the ‘Revolving Door Policy’, Google’s very successful attempt to place their former employees in government positions: Google: new concerns raised about political influence by senior ‘revolving door’ jobs


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