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Live video from an Eternal Bliss gig at Schaltzentrale Balsthal.

The Eternal Bliss Full-OM CD was released in 2011. Eternal Bliss is a veteran psytrance act with releases going all the way back to 1995. This album combines the old school Goa trance spirit with today’s production techniques and live guitar.

The mastermind behind Eternal Bliss is PJ Wassermann, a Swiss composer, performer, and producer, who collaborated with his son Sean to create this unique release. Sean laid the foundation and PJ polished the album through live performances and experimentation. The final mixes integrate recordings from various Eternal Bliss live gigs as well as additional studio sessions. Featuring artwork by Psyborg.

Style: psyTrance / Goa / Full-On.

1 Elusion
2 2CB
3 Upgrade Your Mind
4 Rupak
5 Experience
6 Full OM
7 Stars & Galaxies
8 Kumba Mela
9 Metadreams

Some comments

“I just had a solo trance party in my house, listening and dancing to your new CD. You kick ass, brother!”
Miko W., Ibiza

“Normally I don’t listen to psyTrance. But your music just makes me happy.”
Paul D., Ibiza

I have my wireless headphones on and dance through my apartment. Thanks PJ, your music is beautiful. Best of Goa.
Christian S., Zurich

“Your music is so merry.”
Sameen L., Ibiza

“If we had such music always at the parties… the original spirit would never die… people would be colourful, naked, smiling and loving… not sozialized commercial, cold,egoistic, mainstream, nonspiritual… this album is the perfect blend of the original magic with the energy of todays fullon.. you help keeping the dreams of the movement alive.. anarchy & love =)”
Salai on Ektoplazm

“That’s a good psychedelic song. All those swirling sound effects and pitch drops, they would give you some good visuals if you listened to that while tripping.”
Harbinger28567 on the track “2CB” at YouTube


PJ Wassermann’s Eternal Bliss (live guitar psyTrance) at Reisefieber Festival in 2014.

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