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Ambient music has always fascinated me. It has been pioneered by musicians like Brian Eno with his ‘Music for Airports’ album.

In the nineties I made a 15 minute ambient track called ‘Random Landscape’ that was released on my ‘Dream Nine’ album that currently isn’t available. Then in 2013 I made a vacation trip to Thailand and on the island of Koh Samui I was fascinated by the very special and kind of psychedelic sound of the crashing waves on the shore and I recorded it. I added some synthesizer pads and sequencers as well as some other sonic impressions from Thailand. The result is the one hour ambient track ‘Samui Waves’ that has been released as a download in November 2014.

There’s some confusion about the terminology of ambient and chillout. In the US both of them are called ‘ambient’. In Europe, and I personally like this definition much better, ambient is defined as sound tapestry, music without drums that softly creates an unobtrusive sonic space while chillout music has more of a song structure, usually contains drums and other percussion, vocals, too, and is definitely down tempo.

Often I’m personally missing some nice but unobtrusive background music and so I plan to create some more ambient music.

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