Eternal Bliss live guitar psyTrance

Schaltkreis Wassermann - vintage electronica.


Hi, my name is PJ Wassermann and I’m a composer, performer and producer. I’ve been into electronic music for more than 40 years but I also love to play guitar. See below for my current live projects and to the right for my recent music releases.


After many years of working only in the studio in the last 10 years I’ve concentrated on live music that’s mostly composed and produced by myself. I have three different live projects:

This is a psychedelic multimedia music circus. PsyChill music with live guitar and vocals, trippy visuals by Asteriza and often with additional musicians and dancers. For more information please go to ChillyTrippyDippy’s own website.

Schaltkreis Wassermann
The oldest of my current music projects, with the 1982 cult album PSYCHOTRON. Since April 2016 I have a new Schaltkreis live set that links the 80s sound of analog synthesizers with the new guitar synth SY-300 and other electronic live instruments. For more information please go to the Schaltkreis Wassermann website.

Eternal Bliss live guitar psyTrance
The combination of tough beats and playful psyTrance tracks with my rocking electric guitar keeps delivering an inspiring live experience to dancers and listeners.


In the studio I’m always working on new tracks. I like to work on different songs at a time and then put them aside for a while to pick them up later again and make great albums for you to enjoy!


But most importantly I love to play live all over the world so if you want me to play at your party, club or festival then please get in touch!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

PJ Wassermann

PJ Wassermann - Space Drone Salad
My latest psychedelic chillout album Space Drone Salad.

Hot Now

Recently I happened to come across a song that I had forgotten. “Cruising” was its name.

Going through the song I noticed that the arrangement, the sound design and the guitar parts were complete, I just had never mixed the song. I asked Lasse Illinton Mosegard to mix it and here we go with some pure Ibiza chillout, an easygoing and uplifting summer guitar song by yours truly.

„Cruising“ is available at BeatportBandcampAppleMusicSpotify and all other streaming and download sites.

More info here.

“Cruising on YouTube”


ChillyTrippyDippy is a magical psychedelic circus from Ibiza for your ears and eyes, based on my chillout music and performed by the dancers Aida Miro, Amanda Orlov and Marta Chandra. The visuals are usually performed by VJ Asteriza (in this video by the VJ team Nourathar). The video ihas been recorded at Sansara, Ibiza. I Was joined onstage by drummer Juan dell’Erba.

I Am One (LSD Housewife), official music video, from the “Space Drone Salad” album. The video uses some footage from an LSD experiment in the 50ies where a housewife volunteered for the experiment. The live parts have been shot by Albert Martos at Tetra Ibiza with visual projections by Asteriza and with the Butoh dancers Aïda Miro and Amanda Orlov.

PJ Wassermann’s ETERNAL BLISS, live at the Chlauseschtämpfele VI party by Sternenkreis, December 6th 2014 in Altbüron Switzerland. The song is called “Upgrade your Mind”.

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